Stubs 4 Sale

The Better Ticketing Association has partnered with, an online ticket stub marketplace.’s goal is to be the face behind ticket stub collecting as it continues to be a growing collectable. The company focuses on the common ticket collectors’ needs, from giving free appraisals to searching for wanted tickets.

As a Better Ticketing Association partner, Stubs4Sale is proud to offer members a 10% discount on all merchandise and services. Free shipping will also be offered until January 1st, 2008.

Discount instructions
Refunds will be issued through PayPal. For information on setting up a PayPal account, visit
  1. After the order has been completed through PayPal, send an email to and identify yourself as a Better Ticketing Association member.
  2. Upon verification of your BTA membership, a refund of 10% of the sale price will be issued through PayPal. Please allow 48 hours for this credit to process.
Selling Ticket Stubs
Do you have lots of unused ticket stubs from sporting events that you would like to sell? Contact Mike Luchies at for a second chance at making a sale.