LEAP Matching Fund Program

The Better Ticketing Association’s (BTA) LEAP Matching Fund Program encourages its members to support state legislative activities dedicated to lobbying for the advancement of a free and open market for ticket sales and re-sales.

BTA will match a broker’s contribution to lobbying activities in the broker’s state up to a maximum amount of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00). If a broker donates fifteen hundred dollars ($1,500.00), or more, toward state legislative and lobbying activities, BTA will also provide the broker with a Ticket Summit tradeshow pass.

To qualify, the broker shall request that the local ticket brokers’ association submit to BTA: (1) written documentation of its lobbying strategy, objectives, and budget; (2) written confirmation that at least five percent (5%) of the lobbying costs have or will come from the National Association of Ticket Brokers’ (NATB) Legal Fund; and (3) a copy of the check(s) from qualified TicketNetwork brokers made out to the local ticket brokers’ association for lobbying expenses.*

In exchange, BTA will be included in the bill writing, strategy meetings, conference calls, negotiations and other lobbying efforts associated with the approved lobbying program. Also, BTA reserves the right to bring subject area experts, industry professionals and others to support any ongoing lobbying activities in states or jurisdictions where the LEAP Matching Fund Program is being utilized.

BTA’s criteria for approving various lobbying activities at the state level and the objectives that BTA believes to be responsive to the advancement of the free ticket market include the following:

Reseller Protections

1. Prohibit event producers voiding, canceling, or restricting tickets from being resold.

2. Prohibit contracts that restrict a venue’s right to sell tickets to anyone who resells tickets through another ticket seller or reseller.

3. Require primary sellers to sell tickets, or a percentage thereof, unbundled (i.e. no requirement of parking, fan club memberships or other event-related purchases).

4. Require primary sellers and promoters to include the true cost of the tickets in the face value, including any required donation (such as university or charitable contributions, fan club costs, etc.).

5. Eliminate the "feet-from-the-box-office" regulations (in applicable states).

Consumer Protections

1. Require initial ticket distribution to include tickets at face value with no service charges in at least one location.

2. Mandate that sellers give full refunds minus shipping charges for cancelled events.

3. Prevent event producers from rescinding season ticket rights for people who resell their season tickets.

4. Require promoters and primary sellers to provide transparency on available inventory before an event goes on sale (i.e. % of tickets released publicly, % held back, % lost to stage design, etc.).

5. Work to ensure that consumers are adequately protected from fraud and abuse under the consumer protection laws.

* - Notes: This program is completely broker-initiated and does not provide a means for local ticket brokers’ associations to solicit brokers. If no regional or statewide brokers’ association exists, individual brokers or groups of brokers may contact the BTA to discuss their public policy intentions in their state or local jurisdictions.

† - The Legislative Education & Advocacy Program complies with all applicable local, state and federal laws regarding lobbying or issue advocacy. LEAP will not be undertaken or administered in jurisdictions where such activity is prohibited by law, regulation or other legal rulings or proceedings.